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Jaclyn with sword

comedychick in perth_nano

Script Frenzy

Is anyone else going to be participating in Script Frenzy next month?


cupidsbow has posted about it, but I can't tell from the post if she's committing to doing it herself.
Am thinking seriously about it. A 20,000 word script sounds seriously do-able to me.

Wish they had the Regional Lounges up, though.
I think the word count is a little unfair when they say it equates to around 120 pages, when a lot of films (particularly in the comedy genre) should not be that long, but I do consider it doable, and for a first draft it's fine anyway. It'd probably be cut down significantly in further edits, and then the actual finished film.

Me too.
Well, you probably know that 1 page is supposed to equate to one minute of screen time ... some genres (like comedy, as you mentioned) would have considerably more dialogue and round out at approx. 120 pages, but have a shorter running time.

I actually had to write a short script for a recent assignment, and it ended up being almost twice as long as it needed (just over 3,500 words), so I'm not too worried. It will always be harder than I expect it to be, though.
I suppose so. It also depends a lot on the writer, I think.

I did a GradDip in Media Production at Murdoch and had to write and direct a short film for that. The script came in at something like 11-12 pages, the film itself was 14 minutes, and that was with a few scenes cut. But perhaps that's because I had less dialogue than features generally have, as I was told short films shouldn't use much dialogue. Even so, I remember doing a word count at one point in the script and thinking that I hadn't written much.

November 2008

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